Tinder Pack

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To successfully start fire in nature, you need tinder – something that easily burns, withstands moisture and lasts for a long time. Here you get all three!

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Product Description

A good collection of tinders that includes our Fatwood, Waxed Cotton and Charcloth.

Fatwood is a well renowed fire starter and fuel that you easily just scrape with a knife to get some dust and chips and ignite with a ferrocerium rod. The waxed cotton is not only waterproof, it also has a very long burning time, which gives you plenty of time to build your fire. Break the waxed cotton in half to reveal the dry material inside and ignite with a ferrocerium rod. If you’re using a fire steel and flint the charcloth will be well-suited. It catches the sparks easiest.

  • Versatile
  • 30 g Waxed cotton
  • 40 g Fatwood
  • 100 cm2 Charcloth
  • Refill for Fire Box
  • Long-lasting

Additional Information

Weight 85 g